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Havalite, a lightweight, open source CMS Blog based on php and SQLite db. It's licensed under the GNU General Public License.


Havalite CMS


  1. Simple 1 step wizard installation
  2. Text, Images and swf files all saved as data in Sqlite Database
  3. Two different image sizes: Original and Thumnail
  4. Export database to any Server without changing a single line or database structure
  5. Backup for the whole system including images in only one Sqlite file.
    Backup current database OR all databases as zip file
  6. Run multiple databases according to subdomains
    Install once and use for many subdomains
  7. A lite weight and clear interface
  8. Support for 37 international languages
    Many Interface languages done on the fly with our language Creator Tool
  9. CKEditor a great WYSIWYG Text-Editor
  10. Ajax, edit save, without leaving editor
  11. integration of third-party Plugins and Sidebar Widgets, specially jQuery, with the ability of plugin configuration
  12. plenty of useful functions for Theme creation + Theme PreviewPlugins Creation, and Sidebar Widgets
  13. RSS Feeds for Posts, Categories and Comments
  14. A Mobile Detector to switch in Mobile mode
  15. Live update within 2 seconds (version 1.1.3 and above)


  1. Apache webserver with mod_rewrite and .htaccess file support enabled
  2. php5 or above with PDO and SqLite3 driver enabled
  3. a powerfull Browser (such as Firefox5, Google Chrom) with activted javaScript

User Documentation

  1. Installing Havalite
    1. How to install
  2. Dashboard
    1. Backup Database (A link to the SQLite database file)
    2. Find and Replace (See document)
    3. Users Board (Share informations with other registered users. See document)
    4. Havalite RSS feeds (Latest informations, updates, plugins etc.)
    5. Login to Safe Folder
      1. configuration file (config.php)
      2. Database
      3. Php info (server information)
      4. htaccess creator (Create or change password fpr safe folder)
      5. Updater (Live System Update)
  3. Posts (view a table of all posts and pages)
    1. Pages (view only static pages)
    2. New Post (Create a new post or page)
    3. Categories (Edit, Sort Categories, copy posts to another category)
    4. Comments (View, edit, approve, unupprove, delete, replay comments)
    5. Links (View all links, Create new or edit Existin)
  4. Media (view a table of all images or swf files which saved in the database)
    1. Media Upload (Upload all sorts of files, save only image or swf files to the database)
    2. Categories (Create or edit categories for media files, copy media files to another category)
  5. Settings (Edit all options, see also the function hava_options(); )
    1. Blog information (Blog title, Tagline, Description, Bolg URL, Front page)
    2. Design (Default theme, Post amount, Date/Time, Page category, Images thumbnail, Image filter, Mobile, Error page text)
    3. System (Language, Limit results, Notification email, Users board, Members Privileges, Additional styles)
    4. Editor Configurations (Editor Height, Toolbars, define styles (See also Text-Editor configurations. CKEditor Configurations))
  6. Plugins (De-, Activation single plugin, Configuration (See all plugins))
    Sidebar Widgets (10 standard widgets to add to your sidebars. Additional Widgets are by some plugins)
  7. Users (view a table of all users)
    1. New User (Create account for a new user)
    2. My Profile (Edit own profile)
    3. Log out
  8. Themes
    1. Developing Themes
    2. Finished Layouts

For further details, please visit our website:

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